Magazines, Travel and Middlebrow Culture in Canada 1925-1960

Claire Wallace


Dramatic Hats. Article. Canadian Home Journal Nov. 1934: 35, 48

Couturier to Royalty – Molyneux. Article. Canadian Home Journal Dec. 1934: 26

We Dine and Wine in London. Canadian Home Journal June 1935: 23, 35

That First Trip Across. Article. Canadian Home Journal June 1936: 24, 40, 42, 65

Montreal Airport. Article. Mayfair June 1956: 26+

Claire Wallace Visits Italy. Article. Mayfair July 1956: 26+

Limousine, Sir? Article. Mayfair Aug. 1956: 26, 47, 49

Canadians in New York. Article. Mayfair Sept. 1956: 68, 82-3, 91

Claire Wallace Visits the West Indies. Article. Mayfair Oct. 1956: 55+

Claire Wallace Visits Egypt and Cyprus. Article. Mayfair Nov. 1956: 38-9, 62-3

Warm Welcome In A Hot Corner. Article. Mayfair Dec. 1956: 40-41, 70-72

In Hawaii. Article. Mayfair Jan. 1957: 16+

London and Beyond. Article. Mayfair Feb. 1957: 28, 50+

The Irish Welcome. Article. Mayfair Mar. 1957: 37, 56-8

The Mayfair Traveler. Article. Mayfair Apr. 1957: 65+

The Mayfair Traveler. Article. Mayfair May 1957: 67+

The Mayfair Traveler. Article. Mayfair June 1957: 50+

Editorial Commentary

'In CANADIANS IN NEW YORK on page 68, Mayfair's Travel Editor, Claire Wallace, talks with various well-known Canadians who now live most of the year in New York. Where they shop, where they dine, what they like to do for relaxation – these are some of the questions answered by personalities like Gisele MacKenzie, Hume Cronyn and his British-born wife, Jessica Tandy, Melissa Hayden, Catherine Proctor and others.

                    IN FUTURE ISSUES: When Claire Wallace took off last month for Greece, Cyprus and Egypt, and Iona Monahan left for Denmark, Spain, Italy, France and England, Mayfair's secretary-in-charge-of-mileage estimated their trips would bring to approximately 32,298 the number of miles travelled by Mayfair staffers in the last eight months, proof that the magazine is living up to its “GOING PLACES!" claim. Results of the latest safaris by the Misses Monahan and Wallace will be appearing soon ...' (About Ourselves. Editorial. Mayfair Sept. 1956: 2)

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