Magazines, Travel and Middlebrow Culture in Canada 1925-1960

Laura Goodman Salverson

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When Blind Guides Lead. Short story. Maclean's 1 Feb. 1925: 13+

The Alabaster Box. Short story. Maclean's 15 Dec. 1927: 3+

Little Souls. Serial. Chatelaine Oct. and Nov. 1928: 3+; 6+

The Witchery of Yule. Short story. Chatelaine Dec. 1929: 8

The Wind's Way. Short story. Chatelaine June 1930: 12

The Dove of El-Jezair. Serial. Canadian Home Journal Dec. 1930, Jan., Feb., Mar., Apr. and Jun. 1931: 3+; 7+; 15+; 15+; 15+; 16+

The Incorrigibles. Short story. Chatelaine Sept. 1931: 8

Immortal Rock. Serial. Canadian Home Journal Sept., Oct., and Nov. 1954: 18+; 22+; 20+

Winter. Poem. Canadian Home Journal Feb. 1955: 60

Editorial commentary

'Turning the page to “The Incorrigibles," we have Laura Goodman Salverson in a rollicking mood—an unusual one, for despite the merriest of minds in private life, Mrs. Salverson has a penchant for writing on the deeper aspects of life. This noted writer has been living for some time in Port Arthur.' (Editorial. Chatelaine Sept. 1931: 74)
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