Magazines, Travel and Middlebrow Culture in Canada 1925-1960

Martha Ostenso

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The Storm. Short story. Maclean's 15 Apr. 1925: 17-18, 69

The Little Blue Hat. Short story. Maclean's 15 June 1937: 5+

The Years are Shadows. Short story. Chatelaine May 1938: 5-7, 27, 37, 75-76

No Time for Sentiment. Short story. Chatelaine July 1941: 10-11, 43-44, 46

The Stars Over Home. Short story. Chatelaine Oct. 1942: 5-7, 24-25, 28

The Calendar. Canadian Home Journal Apr. 1945: 13, 61-62, 64, 72


Colman, Morris. 'Martha Ostenso, Prize Novelist.' Maclean's 1 Jan. 1925: 56-58

Editorial Commentary

'Martha Ostenso, who wrote “The Years are Shadows," is known round the world for her fiction, since she first stirred interest with her novel of the Canadian West, “Wild Geese."'
(Byrne Hope Sanders.  Editorial.  Chatelaine May 1938: 2)

'We've crammed this issue with ideas which will be of active help to you in your better enjoyment of the summer hours.  Martha Ostenso's story, “No Time for Sentiment," is worth reading for the added understanding it may bring on the young people you see around you.'
(Byrne Hope Sanders.  Editorial.  Chatelaine July 1941: 1)
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