Magazines, Travel and Middlebrow Culture in Canada 1925-1960

Known Pseudonyms

Several authors writing in our collection published under more than one name. Below is a table of the author pseudonyms that are known to us. This page was inspired by the pseudonym table of the Modernist Journals Project.

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Pseudonym by surname
 Real name
Ann Adam Katherine Caldwell Bayley
Danielle AubryHenriette Dessaulles-Saint-JacquesColumnist in Quebec newspapers and magazines 1890s-1920s 
H.G. CampbellHelen G. Campbell 
Janey Canuck
Emily Murphy
Women's rights activist
Claude Ceyla
Henriette Dessaulles-Saint-Jacques
Carolyn Damon
Lotta Dempsey  
Jean DesHaies/DesHayes Henriette Dessaulles-Saint-Jacques  
FadetteHenriette Dessaulles-Saint-Jacques 
Madame Jules FournierThérèse SurveyerColumnist and women’s section editor, LRP 1920s-1940s
FrancineThérèse Surveyer 
Anne-Marie GleasonAnne-Marie Gleason-Huguenin 
Anne-Marie Huguenin
Anne-Marie Gleason-Huguenin
Annabel Lee
Lotta Dempsey
Marc LefrantHenriette Dessaulles-Saint-Jacques 
MadeleineAnne-Marie Gleason-HugueninFounding editor of LRM
MarjolaineJusta LeclercWomen’s section editor at LRM from 1930; writer for children
Henriette Dessaulles-Saint-Jacques 
K. M. MorphyKay MurphyFashion columnist in the Maclean Company magazines
Kathleen MurphyKay Murphy 
Hélène RollinHenriette Dessaulles-Saint-Jacques 
Anna Lee Scott Katherine Caldwell Bayley  
Soiffield of ParisRichard G SwaffieldParis correspondent at Mayfair, 1927-30
C. Wilma TaitCatherine Wilma TaitEditor of Canadian Home Journal, 1930-1948
Michelle de VaubertOdette OlignyNovelist; fashion editor of LRP from 1957
YorkJ. Herbert Hodgins Founding editor or Mayfair
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