Magazines, Travel and Middlebrow Culture in Canada 1925-1960

Sample Issues

On this page you can download sample issues from each of our magazines. Please note that on the table of contents page for each magazine within the PDF, you may click on the titles or page numbers to jump directly to the articles. As the pdf files contain internal links, they are best viewed in Adobe Reader (Win/Mac) or Preview (Mac). Right-click on each PDF to download it and view it this way.

These issues were photographed at Library and Archives Canada, Ottawa. As the pdf files contain embedded technical functionality, individuals interested in reproducing them in any format must first receive permission from the Project. Please see also our collection of full-text issues in the CWRC repository.

 Cover. Chatelaine, June, 1928. Chatelaine, June, 1928. Link to PDF (23.5mb)

 Cover. Canadian Home Journal, August, 1932. Canadian Home Journal, August, 1932. Link to PDF (28mb)

 Cover. La Revue Moderne, March, 1932. La Revue Moderne,  March, 1932. Link to PDF (17mb)

 Cover. La Revue Populaire, August, 1932

 La Revue Populaire, August, 1932. Link to PDF (18.5mb)

 Cover. Maclean's, April 1st, 1932. 

Maclean's, April 1st, 1932. Link to PDF (21mb)

 Cover. Mayfair, August, 1932. Mayfair, August, 1932. Link to PDF (17mb)

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