Magazines, Travel and Middlebrow Culture in Canada 1925-1960

Gallery of Consumer-Themed Images in Chatelaine

Click on an image to enlarge it and see more information about it, such as its date and the magazine in which it appeared. You will be able to navigate left and right through the gallery using the buttons that appear at the bottom of each enlarged image.

Lavender is so Fitting. Yardley English Lavender ad. Chatelaine, April, 1947, p.18.Your Purchase "Vote" Decides. Wabasso Cottons ad. Chatelaine, February, 1947.Back Home For Keeps. Community Silverplate ad. Chatelaine, May, 1945.One Man's Income. Government of Canada ad. Chatelaine, September, 1944, P. 3.On Christmas Morning. Parker ad. Chatelaine, December, 1943.Come on, Peg, It'll Be Thrilling. CWAC ad. Chatelaine, November, 1943. The Things We Are Fighting For. Community Silverplate ad. Chatelaine, December, 1942.A Colour Campaign That Saved an Industry. Magazine Publishers Association of Canada ad. Chatelaine, July, 1941, p.40. Nobility Chest. Community Sliverplate ad. Chatelaine, December, 1941.Colonial Sheets and Pillow Slips ad. Chatelaine, May, 1938.Parade of the Pedigreed. Heinz 57 ad. Chatelaine, May, 1938.Beauty at Lords. Yardley of London ad. Chatelaine, May, 1938.Palmolive ad. Chatelaine, May, 1938.A Symphony in Perfume. Bourjois ad. Chatelaine, March, 1930.Chateau Cheese ad. Chatelaine, July, 1929.The Gayest and Best Vacation. McBrine Baggage ad. Chatelaine, July, 1929.Formal dinner for six. Community Plate ad. Chatelaine, June, 1929.Chatelaine's growth ad. Chatelaine, June, 1929.Chatelaine's second year ad. Chateleine, March, 1929.Canadian Women Know Values. Bluebird Diamond Rings ad. Chatelaine, June, 1928.Heeshades are used everywhere. Geo. H. Hees, Son & Co. ad. Chatelaine, June, 1928.Maclean Publishing Company ad. Chatelaine, June, 1928.Durkee's Salad Dressing ad. Chatelaine, June, 1928.The Famous Two Creams. Pond's ad. Chatelaine, June, 1929.Wm. Rogers and Son Silverplate ad. Chatelaine, June, 1928.
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