Magazines, Travel and Middlebrow Culture in Canada 1925-1960

Gallery of Consumer-Themed Images in Maclean's

Click on an image to enlarge it and see more information about it, such as its date and the magazine in which it appeared. You will be able to navigate left and right through the gallery using the buttons that appear at the bottom of each enlarged image.
What Leaning Tower? Gilbey's ad, Maclean's, March 12, 1960, p.58Leap or your life. Canadian Club ad, Maclean's, March 12, 1960We conquered French hearts with Canadian wines. Canadian Wines Institute ad, Maclean's, February 15, 1955, p.62Honoured the World Over. Seagram's ad, Maclean's, 1955A Frenchman Kissing My Hand. Jergens ad. Maclean's, Febryary 15, 1948, p.48The Magic Circle. Dept. of Trade and Commerce, Maclean's, December 1, 1946, p.3When his thoughts are of you. Parker ad, Maclean's, October 15 1944, inside cover Addresses on the move. Canada Post ad, Maclean's, July 15, 1944, inside coverI see you drive a Chrysler. Chrysler ad, Maclean's, February 1, 1939, p.31Take the helm. Metropolitan Life Insurance Company ad. Maclean's, October 1, 1937, p.3Vacationing? American Can Company ad, Maclean's, July 15, 1936, p3
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