Magazines, Travel and Middlebrow Culture in Canada 1925-1960

Project Themes: Fashion

Fashion and cosmopolitanism are intimately connected in the pages of Canadian magazines. In the earlier twentieth century, the magazines became both exhibition spaces and marketplaces for imported foreign styles. In the 1950s, as Canada's own designers began to achieve a higher profile, the magazines promoted Canadian fashion using the imagery of travel, speed and modernity.

Fashion coverage in the magazines included in this study took a variety of forms, including detailed feature articles, regular columns, letters and dispatches from Paris, London or New York, captioned photographs of couture models, annotated illustrations of commercial patterns,  and advertisements. The sample articles and images provided here exemplify all these types of reporting and illustration. Regular fashion reporters such as Kay Murphy or Soiffield (Richard Geoffrey Swaffield) were highly popular with magazine readers, and some of the journalists represented in our selection also held posts as editors or associate editors of the magazines (Hodgins, Mackie, Burke, Boxer).

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