Les magazines, l'imaginaire du voyage et la culture moyenne au Canada, 1925-1960

Sélection d’articles ayant pour thème les consommateurs

'La Bonne Cuisine: L’Art d’accommoder les grenouilles.' La Revue Populaire (October, 1929): 65. Print. Link to PDF (1.2mb)

Bristol, Naomi. 'Hotel of Kings and Queens.' Mayfair (November, 1952): 50, 51. Print. Link to PDF (700kb)

Finch, Edmund. 'Treasures to Take Home.' Mayfair (January, 1955): 36, 37. Print. Link to PDF (600kb)

Keightley, B. W. 'Men and Menus: Revealing the Strange Adventures that Befell Two Canadians on a Tour of European Restaurants.' Chatelaine (December, 1935): 24, 25. Print. Link to PDF (1mb)

Moon, Barbara. 'Cold food.' Mayfair (August, 1955): 31, 54, 55. Print. Link to PDF (700kb)

Pringle, Gertrude. 'Making a business of good taste.' Maclean's (October 1, 1926): 71, 72. Print. Link to PDF (2mb)

Rennie, Bethia. 'Let’s go shopping with Mayfair.' Mayfair (January, 1955): 32-35. Print. Link to PDF (800kb)

Wallace, Claire. 'That first trip across.' Canadian Home Journal (June, 1936): 24, 40, 42, 63. Print. Link to PDF (1mb)

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