Canadian studies at Strathclyde is currently centred on a reading group. During the lifetime of the AHRC-funded project, the staff and roles were these:

Faye Hammill is Professor of English in the School of Humanities, University of Strathclyde, and was Principal Investigator for the project. She also leads the AHRC Middlebrow Network. Her co-authored book with Michelle Smith, Magazines, Travel, and Middlebrow Culture appeared in 2015. Her previous books are  Sophistication: A Literary and Cultural History (2010), winner of the European Society for the Study of English book prize for English literature in 2012; Women, Celebrity and Literary Culture Between the Wars (2007); Canadian Literature (2007, funded by AHRC Research Leave), and Literary Culture and Female Authorship in Canada (2003, winner of the International Council for Canadian Studies Pierre Savard award).

Michelle Smith was the Postdoctoral Research Associate for the project (2011-13), and subsequently worked as a Lecturer in English and Creative Writing at Strathclyde.  She has published articles on Canadian magazines in Studies in Canadian LiteratureJournal of Commonwealth StudiesBook HistoryEnglish Studies in Canada, British Journal of Canadian Studies and International Journal of Canadian Studies.  In 2012, she published her first book, dear Hermes… (U of Alberta P), which experiments with the poem as travelogue. She was the site curator for Canadian Magazines (2004-05), and she served as a literary editor for Other Voices: A Journal of the Literary and Visual Arts (2001-04). She contributes to journals and websites including Canadian Writers Abroad.

Cristina Sacco Judge was the Online Content Developer for the project. Her AHRC-funded PhD, titled Developing a model for school libraries in Scotland, was awarded by the University of Strathclyde.

Rachael Alexander is working on a PhD funded by the University of Strathclyde, comparing American and Canadian magazines in the interwar years (Canadian Home Journal, Ladies’ Home Journal).

We warmly thank Murielle Jousseau for the French translation of our website, and Sarah Galletly for carrying out research for the Author pages.

Our advisory board:

Ted Bishop, University of Alberta

Susan Brown, University of Guelph/University of Alberta

Peter Hodgins, Carleton University

Dean Irvine, Dalhousie University

Lise Jaillant, University of East Anglia

David Kinloch, University of Strathclyde

Valerie Korinek, University of Saskatchewan

Eva-Marie Kröller, University of British Columbia

Victoria Kuttainen, James Cook University

Anouk Lang, Edinburgh University

Hannah McGregor, University of Alberta

Cecilia Morgan, University of Toronto

Candida Rifkind, University of Winnipeg

Gillian Roberts, University of Nottingham

Wendy Roy, University of Saskatchewan

Chantal Savoie, Université du Quebec à Montréal

Will Straw, McGill University

Marie Vautier, University of Victoria