Advanced Research Seminar

An Advanced Research Seminar for the project advisory board was held in May 2012, at Carleton University and the Arc Hotel in Ottawa. Participants were invited to prepare papers responding to one or more of the words in the project title. The papers were circulated in advance and presented briefly, with illustrations, during the seminar. Most of the time was devoted to discussion. Extended versions of the papers were published in a special journal issue.

Abstracts on these pages remain the intellectual property of each individual author. Please see the About Us page for links to their websites, with contact details. 

Programme for Colloquium on Magazines, Travel & Middlebrow Culture

  Thursday 24 May 2012

9:00-9:30                      Coffee, Pastries & Welcome

9:30-11:00                 Session 1: Magazines, Modernity, & Middlebrow Culture

                                      Chair: Anouk Lang

Cecilia Morgan             “She is a Toronto Girl”: Canadian Actresses’ Transatlantic and Transnational Careers Through the Lenses of Canadian Magazines, 1890s-1930s (view abstract)

Will Straw                     Montreal Modern: Sanitized Images in English Canadian Periodicals, 1950-1970 (view abstract)

Victoria Kuttainen        Trafficking Literature: Mobility and Middlebrow Modernity in BP Magazine (view abstract)

Michelle Smith             A Selected Class of Traveller: Canadian Magazines and the Culture of Aspiration (view abstract)

11:00-11:30                  Coffee and Tea Break

11:30-1:00                    Session 2: Cross-cultural Exchange & Print Culture Histories

                                      Chair: Eva-Marie Kröller

Women, Worldliness and Culture in the 1940s: The Example of the Chronicle “What on Parle” by Lucette Robert in la Revue Populaire (view abstract)

Marie Vautier               Hemispheric Travel and the Imaginary: the Literatures of Canada and Québec (view abstract)

Lise Jaillant                   New York Middlebrow: Selling the Modern Library series to the Canadian Market (view abstract)

Wendy Roy                   Home as Middle Ground in Adaptations of Two Early Twentieth-Century Middlebrow Novels (view abstract)

1:00-2:00                      Lunch

2:00-2:45                    Session 3: Humanities Scholarship & Digital Technologies

                                      Chair: Hannah McGregor

Anouk Lang                   Geolocating little magazines: Some thoughts on the value of mapping technologies and periodical studies (view abstract)

Susan Brown                 The Canadian Writing Research Collaboratory Project: Scaling Up Collaboration Online (view abstract)

2:45-4:15                      CWRC shop

Susan Brown                 Please bring your laptop for this workshop on digital research tools being developed by the Canadian Writing Research Collaboratory

4:15-4:45                      Coffee and Tea Break

4:45-5:30                      Creative Non-Fiction Reading

Ted Bishop                    Canadian Middlebrow Goes Motorcycling: Narrative Nonfiction from Magazine to Book (view abstract)

5:30-7:00                      Break

7:00                               Dinner at The Arc Hotel

Friday 25 May 2012

9:00-9:30                      Coffee & Welcome

9:30-11:30               Session 4: Ethnography, Tourism, & Middlebrow Materiality

                                      Chair: Lise Jaillant

Hannah McGregor       Eating Vietnam: Souvenir-Literature, the Tourist Gaze, and Book Club Readers in Camilla Gibb’s The Beauty of Humanity Movement (view abstract)

Gillian Roberts              The Book of Negroes’ Illustrated Edition: Circulating African-Canadian History through the Middlebrow (view abstract)

Peter Hodgins               Presenting Canada to the Scientific Gaze: the 1884 Annual Meeting of the British Association for the Advancement of Science in Montreal and the eccentricity of scientific tourism (view abstract)

Eva-Marie Kröller         Adrienne Clarkson, Travel, and the Middle-Brow Media in Canada (view abstract)

Dean Irvine                   White Aboriginality: Indian Time and Middlebrow Ethnography in Canada (view abstract)

11:30-12:00                  Coffee and Tea Break

12:00-1:00                    Advisory Board Consultation

Faye Hammill               Presentation of the website for Magazines, Travel, and Middlebrow Culture in Canada 1925-60, followed by a discussion of the planned special issue of International Journal of Canadian Studies

1:00-2:00                      Lunch & Farewell

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