Timeline with filtering and highlighting

This timeline represents important events in the magazines' history. Instructions on how to use the timeline are at the bottom of the page

Click to centre on 1920 Click to centre on 1930 Click to centre on 1940 Click to centre on 1950 Click to centre on 1960

How to use this timeline

What am I seeing?
This timeline contains two horizontal sections, or "bars". The top bar is the main body of the timeline, and contains the events of the timeline either represented with dots (for single one-time events) or coloured lines (for things that occurred over a span of time). The bottom bar is the preview bar, and in this you can see events that appear outwith the main view of the timeline. The middle of the bottom bar, with the lighter background, shows the span of time that is currently visible in the main timeline (top bar).

Exploring the timeline events
To see a pop-up bubble containing more information about each event, click on an event title or the dot or bar representing an event. Although the timing of events is indicated by the vertical lines that mark each year, the exact start/end information (or, as exact as is known by us) will be indicated in the bubble that pops up.

Left-right navigation
The timeline starts out being centred on 1930, but there are a couple of ways to recentre the timeline on a different year, or to explore events in earlier or later years:
- You can use the links at the bottom of the timeline, such as "Click to centre on 1950"
- You can also click and drag the timeline to the left or right (or use your scroll wheel). You can use the bottom bar, which is measured in decades, to scroll quickly, or the top bar, measured in years, to move more slowly.

Filtering and highlighting
With this timeline, you can choose only to see entries containing a keyword (filtering), or you can choose to highlight entries containing a keyword (highlighting). Try typing "Chatelaine" into the FILTER field above to see only Chatelaine-related events. Try typing "editor" into one of the HIGHLIGHT colour fields above to highlight only events related to editors. We strongly recommend using the filtering option, as on some screens, items may be crowded down past the visible boundary of the timeline.