Destinations in travel articles found in Mayfair magazine, 1927-1959

Years sampled: 1927, 1935, 1940, 1945, 1950, 1955, 1959. Instructions on how to use this timemap are at the bottom of this page.
How to use this timeline

This timemap contains three horizontal sections, or "bars". The top bar is the main body of the timeline, and contains the events of the timeline (travel articles in Mayfair). The middle bar represents a wider span of the timeline timeframe. The bottom bar is the map, and in this you can see the places represented in the articles.

To see a pop-up bubble containing more information about each article, click on an event in the timeline or on the map. Although the timing of events is indicated by the vertical lines that mark each year, the exact publication information will be indicated in the bubble that pops up.

The timeline starts out being centred at the beginning of our timeline, in May, 1927. You can click and drag the timeline to the left or right (or use your scroll wheel) to see events before or after this date. You can use the middle bar, which is measured in decades, to scroll quickly, or the top bar, measured in years, to move more slowly.

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